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Natural Dog Beds

When we make dog beds here at Tuffies we take everything in to account: we think about comfort for the dogs, hygiene for dogs and owners, style for the dog beds to fit in to the modern dog owner’s house and we also try to look at the dogs’ natural instinct regarding their bedding. Some things can be tested, such as how easy it is to wash the dog beds and of course we try to look at what styles are modern and what our customers like. Our customers are the biggest help we have for testing and guiding. We have a number of products that are simply inventions from our customers. We LOVE it when a loyal customer tells us that he or she wants an addition to his/her nice dog beds and proceeds to tell us in details how they imagine we could make a new product. One of them is our Nest Sock. This came from a lady, who had several of our waterproof dog beds for her Vizsla. Her dog adored the bed, but being a Vizsla, the dog still appreciated being covered during the night. As dogs do, in the morning the dog had moved and lost the blanket, now sleeping on top of it instead of underneath. This prompted the customer to ask if we could supply a Nest Sock for her nest dog beds. We kind of thought it was an odd idea, but we made one for her. Like all product development there was a bit of testing and adjusting, but we ended up with a popular product thanks to a devoted customer.


Developing good dog beds appealing to the dogs also come from the simple observations of the dogs’ behaviour. We sat in the garden recently and unfortunately we have loads of moss in the grass lawn. When we are INSIDE the house the dogs tend to be waiting and hoping that we will come outside and when we are outside they simply want to be with us next to our garden bench and enjoy that we have “completed the pack”.  So they play a bit and then they settle down to relax in the “lawn dog beds”. Their natural instinct results in exactly the same behaviour as you see when dogs use their lovely dog beds: they dig. On the lawn the result is that they manage to rake up a whole bunch of moss (in our pathetic lawn) and you can see how they intend to pull it up under themselves and around themselves. With mixed results, it has to be said. Dogs are not good at arranging things, but they still try. The aim is clearly to make super cosy dog beds to sleep in.


We can’t have moss-beds in the house, so we have to think of an alternative that satisfies the dogs’ need to dig a bed up to be cosy. Our nest dog beds do satisfy this because the surround is ready made. Dogs love it. If you can supply them with an additional blanket to throw around, you will appeal to their instincts of digging up a grass or moss bed. This has to be the reason why our nest dog beds are so popular.