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Washing Dog Beds Every Day

There is definitely a place for waterproof dog beds that you can wash quickly and easily, keeping your  dog’s bed smell free at all times. That is what we do here at Tuffies and it is what we are famous for. However, there IS also a place for flat machine washable dog beds without any stuffing in them at all and that place is underneath puppies. Now that Gaia’s pups are three weeks old, they are on a thick, double sided fleece with a towel underneath while they are in the whelping box. They are now eating and drinking and are becoming quite big puppies, so there is a lot of wet there. The pee runs through the fleece and gets absorbed in the towel. Till now I have managed to change the fleece and towel once a day for a good, HOT wash, but I can see that I will soon be needing newspaper and a change of box bedding twice a day. Dog beds wouldn’t work in this situation because it is too bulky to give the pups a safe place under the pig rails. I often see a puppy behind Gaia, safely stuck without any danger of suffocation because of the pig rails. If I had one of our luxury dog beds in the whelping box, it would not leave enough space for a stuck puppy to breathe.  There have been no accidents so everything is good and safe.




Once the pups are older I can take the pig rails out and they can have as many dog beds as they like, but really while they are so small, they don’t need much support because they don’t have much weight to push down to the floor. But they are German Wirehaired Pointer puppies and once they are adult they will all need soft, supportive dog beds in their new homes.


Gaia doesn’t bother staying with them, she just makes sure they are fed and clean and then she goes over and lies in one of her raised dog beds that is at her disposal. She absolutely loves the raised bed as she is a little higher up than otherwise, seeing the world better and she is off the floor. The soft, cosy liner helps her keeping warm and comfortable and of course that is also super easy to put in the washing machine for a good freshening up.


I look forward to sending the pups along to their new homes with their comfortable puppy dog beds and other little goodies that they should be treated to. Of course it is not nice to say goodbye to the pups, but you know what I mean.