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Taking Dog Beds to the Scottish Game Fair.

On 1st to 3rd of July the big Scottish Gamefair was on at Scone Palace. Tuffies was there as every year come what may, selling great dog beds at their stand in Pheasant Row. Many people are asking us if we feel we have saturated the market now as everyone that goes to Scone seem to already have one or two Tuffies dog beds. The answer is, to some extent, yes, but then we have been coming for well over 10 years and customers have started to replace their original Tuffies or adding new products to their collection. The situation is clearly that if we had never been to Scone gamefair before and suddenly turned up, we would, no doubt sell a lot more dog beds in three days than we did during these last three days, but going to Scone is also a social occasion and we like to be there to provide a service. AS IT TURNED OUT, WE HAD A RECORD YEAR AT SCONE. Many people come along just to see if there are any new products or new colours that might tempt them. Of course many customers have seen the new dog beds and colours on line or on Facebook and they are curious to see them in the flesh.

As I work my dogs all winter I also enjoy meeting all the other fellow hunters and dog workers at the show and it’s great to meet up with people that I perhaps didn’t get round to meet all last season for one reason or another.

There will be other people selling dog beds at the show, but that doesn’t normally bother us. We innovate, manufacture and sell fantastic dog beds that are soft, warm, durable and easy to keep clean. In essence we make top quality waterproof dog beds with optional machine washable fleece covers that you may like to add to the bed. About 40% of customers use the Tuffies dog beds just as they are, but 60% would add a cover, which they can take off and wash in the washing machine so that everything is kept clean and fresh. It also makes the bed look nicer in the house because you can get all sorts of designs and colour schemes. We have recently added our Summer Covers that are unique in their very sunny and summerly colours. They all remind you of days on the beach or sunny evenings and green trees. Very refreshing and a nice way to include your dog beds in the change of seasons.

We were lucky to get good weather and almost no rain at the weekend. The forecast looked dodgy, but with luck the rain just managed NOT to hit Scone this time. Although we sell waterproof dog beds the endless mud and cold weather makes the weekend such a disaster of gloom.