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Dog Beds for Puppies

Gaia’s puppies are now six weeks old. They LOVE being in the garden, so luckily we have nice weather. Last week was rather wet and the grass and plants absorbed all the water to some extent, but in the end it all got too muddy. The pups didn’t mind at all and it’s good for them to get used to the fact that weather is not always sunny and warm. I saw them lying outside in one of their raised dog beds while it was raining lightly. They were not aware of getting wet till they were really quite soaked. Nice to see the hardiness of the GWP already at six weeks of age. They love the raised dog beds because they are well sheltered from any wind and draughts and they get the warmth from the nice fleece. It is funny to see them all playing longer and longer at a time and then suddenly getting very tired and all pile into one heap on one of their luxury dog beds. They can go on the Raised Tuffie bed or they can go in to their little lamb’s house, which I borrowed from the farmer next door. It’s a box with a round hole in the front and they simply have one of our waterproof dog beds in there with a thick fleece on. They love it and seem really warm and cosy if you stick your hand in. They are outside till late at the moment because we tend to sit outside with a little barbecue or bonfire watching them. When they have finished playing, they go in to the little lamb house and conk out. We then have to drag nine rag dolls out from their house to carry in to the indoor pen.


They still sleep in their whelping box inside, but it only has a bit of pet bedding in it as they are so small and don’t need support yet. It’s warm and nice in there too.

When they all go to their new homes they will probably end up leaving with one of our dog beds, probably the bespoke dog beds to fit a crate. Crate training is recommended as the pups will need to learn to be on their own and safe.


Once they are older I am sure they will be happy to get a nest bed to sleep in. All dogs love our comfortable dog beds, but in particular the nests.

When you take a puppy home, he or she would greatly enjoy a Puppy Tuffie, which is the one of our dog beds that is deep and warm for puppy and will fold out to an adult travel bed as puppy grows out of it.