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Where to put the Dog Beds

When you choose dog beds for your dogs you will be considering every thing from waterproof dog beds to chew proof dog beds and you will be first and foremost concerned with the comfort of the dog bed for your dog. Last week we spoke about having the right kind of kennel dog beds, perhaps even two, so the dog can be inside in a snug sleeping area on a thick, warm dog bed AND outside, watching the world go by sitting on a draught excluding dog bed.

When it comes to indoor dog beds, our customers tend to choose something more “homely” and soft. The designs are also important and we have recently learnt that grey is the thing at the moment for indoor dog beds as the fashion is for grey colours.

Once you have decided whether you want a nest type dog bed or a mattress type dog bed you would need to think about where you are going to put it in the house. Some dogs are less keen on being in the middle of the home’s activities while some dogs like to be part of everything that’s going on. Try and figure out what kind of temperament your dog has before you decide where to put the dog beds.

You should also consider the draught and temperature in the house, especially at night where the climate changes inside. It is surprising how cold the floor can get at night when the central heating goes off. If you get up in the middle of the night or early morning you should check the draught and temperature near the place where the dog beds are and see if they are thick and insulating enough for the purpose.

Clearly, if your little dog likes to look out the window, you could put the small dog bed in the window sill so that he can sit comfortably looking at the traffic.