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Where to put the dog beds at Christmas?

As Christmas approaches, it is easy to forget the real needs of your dog. Everyone gets more and more busy and your dog will notice every change in the household without knowing what is going on and why. Basically, it is important to see Christmas from a Canine point of view. Dogs love routine and slot in to any habit they can get used to. I have one dog in particular, who will get off his kennel dog bed at 4.30pm in order to start commanding food, which is served at 5pm. He never fails (except when the clocks change spring and autumn, where he will then be exactly 60 minutes out) and it can drive you mad if you are not quite ready to go and feed. Habits are strong, but there is no doubt that most dogs LOVE Christmas as there is lots of company, the family is all home and the food left-overs stretch to the dog bowl with delicious “Christmassy” bits. Humans want to walk off some of the bloat and everything is very dog! If you have a bold, happy, confident dog, his dog bed can almost be placed in the middle of all the goings on so that he can be part of the party even when he is so tired he falls asleep in the Luxury dog bed, that you have no doubt given him. Lots of our customers also take Christmas as an opportunity to either give the dog a whole new dog bed or at least freshen it up with new dog bed covers in our great, contemporary colours.

If, however, you have a slightly nervous dog, he might look like he is wagging his tail and enjoying Christmas with so many people around, but you would do him a favour by giving him a choice of dog beds and where to find them. For a slightly nervous dog it will be of great benefit to be able to retrieve in to his own dog bed space, somewhere away from the party. This is of particular importance if the house has children. Young people are always greatly excited about Christmas and with that will inevitably come a bit of noise. If you have fairly small children they will all be quite excited and for a nervous dog it can all get too much. If you make sure he has a dog bed in a cool and quiet place, where he can get to it when he wants, you will make his Christmas. He can enjoy the fun and food and play, but when he has had enough of it all, he can discreetly disappear for a quiet snooze.

The temperature is also a consideration as all the extra people, the busy children and the candles on the tree all add to the raising the temperature. Your dog might like a quiet and cool place without getting cold. So the ideal place is in a cool room in a nest dog bed perhaps with a sock over the nest. A real warm and quiet den for your best friend, who can’t speak.