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Dog beds for veterinary surgeries

Here at Tuffies we are often asked for the best beds to have when a dog has been through an operation. Having spoken to vets we know that the best bed for recovering at home after surgery is our waterproof dog beds, the Wipe Clean Tuffie bed. When your dog comes home after an operation that requires cage rest and very restricted exercise, the best option is to have a Wipe Clean Tuffies dog bed mattress made to fit the cage exactly. We can also make Luxury Fleece covers for all beds if you wish. With a perfectly fitting bespoke dog bed, it is easy to clean and extremely comfortable for the dog.

When the dog comes home from an operation it is possible that there will be a little bit of leaking going on from the wound and hygiene is extremely important. The cover can be washed in the washing machine and come out completely clean and you can take the bed out and scrub it thoroughly with hot soapy water and rinse it down. The rinse at the end can even be done with hot water straight from the boiling kettle. Washable dog beds are handy in many situations, but essential when you have a post-op dog.

A dog that needs, and wants, to rest a lot very much MUST have a comfortable bed to lie on. The Tuffies dog beds all have a thick futon mattress inside them and the dog will never be uncomfortable even if he can’t reposition himself very well during his sleep and during the day.

Many vets’ surgeries use our dog beds in their recovery rooms and swear by the comfort and hygienic ease of cleaning, which matters hugely in a ward. We supply dog beds to many vets’ surgeries and to veterinary hospitals and specialised operations units.

We have also recently supplied a veterinary hospital with a massive Tuffies dog bed for their scanning room so that they can lie the animal down on one very large, comfortable surface while they do the scanning.

We are very proud that we are recommended by vets.