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Waterproof dog beds

Ahh, the RAIN!!!!  The rain is simply persistent to say the least. SUCH an understatement. We are rural and run a rural business. That means that we inevitably follow the seasons and know what is going on in farming. This time of year is one with quite a bit of noise and it clearly marks the various seasons. We hear the combiners, the grain trucks and the corn dryers. However, as I am sitting here in the warm office and the dogs are lying outside on their warm, waterproof dog beds in their kennels with full access to grass garden and woodland, I can only hear the rain. It is pouring down.

I took all three dogs off their warm dog beds in the house this morning and tempted them with a walk. They don’t mind, of course, but I have to say I did need to convince myself that this would be a good idea. However, it is funny how the motivation increases when the dogs are so happy to leave their cosy dog bed nests in favour of a walk. They wag their tails all over the place and can’t wait to get out the door. Once I have walked half a mile, I am soooo glad I got out too. It all feels much warmer than anticipated and it’s only water. It feels like I am the only person enjoying the outdoors while everyone else is hiding from the rain. Very smug feeling and I am so glad to give my three dogs a good time although hunting is always their preferred activity.

On my return to the house, the guilt sets in. I SHOULD really allow them all to come inside to dry off on their most suitable waterproof dog beds so that they can be let out feeling good. But I didn’t. I stood by the front door and hoped that they would all have a good shake, but no, they always seem to wait till they have got inside, standing in front of their cosy waterproof dog beds before they give a good old, muddy shake, leaving road mud right up the walls on all sides. So cruelly, I got the key to the garden gate and pushed them through that. It must be said, it is not cold at the moment and given how happy they are to walk in the rain, I thought they would be fine. They go in to their little kennels, placed on the patio and sleep in their dog bed nests, giving them full draught exclusion. They also have some extra blankets in there that they dig around, just like the wild wolves would enjoy doing with grass in the den.

I just had another glance out to them and two of them have come out having a play-fight on the patio. They look very happy indeed.