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Draught Excluding Dog Beds

Try and sit on the floor in your house at night when the heating has gone off. Maybe you live in a modern, super well insulated house and your experience will be one of comfort. But then you will probably be in the minority. Most houses will chill down quite a lot during the night and as heat rises, the first place that gets cold is at the floor level. The floor, where your dog beds will be sitting, will be cool, then cold at night and in the early hours of the morning. Your dogs will be asleep at first, but may be getting very chilled during the night. You might get up some time after your central heating has kicked in and you will find comfortable dogs sprawled out on their dog beds leading you to think all is well. Your dogs can’t say “Good morning (wag, wag, wag), LOVELY to see you, but you know what, I was FREEZING between midnight and 5am when the heating came back on”. You may never know how uncomfortable it is on the dog beds in the night unless you try.

However, the alternative is of course to prevent the cold experience for the dog. If you get  draught excluding dog beds, all will be well. A dog bed with high sides that don’t collapse is ideal. The Tuffies Nest dog beds are sturdy and thick all round. A think futon mattress dog bed in the bottom and thick sides right round. The dogs can snuggle right in and be free of that sneaking cold from draught.

The other good solution to the cold floor is a raised bed. NOT one that looks like a trampoline, as they are freezing cold. The trampolin type dog beds have no sides to protect the dog and the draught is furthermore chilling the dog from underneath. If you have ever slept on a trampoline, you will know just HOW cold you get all over. The ONLY type of warm raised beds are ones with a thick base and sides right round. The dogs can rest super comfortably and feel snug all night on one of these. The Tuffies Raised bed comes with a liner that is quick and easy to take off in order to wash in the washing machine for total hygiene.

Remember, you have to guess how your dog was during the night. He can’t tell you.

I once had a friend in the back of my truck for a short journey. He was in with my dogs and it was January. I had driven out to the West Coast of Scotland the previous day and he told me how cold it was in the back. I had completely forgotten that I had both windows open for ventilation for the dogs since the summer, but during the winter my poor dogs were freezing in the back on long journeys. They obviously had great, thick, bespoke size dog beds in the back, but that could not make up for the terrible draught. I was most embarrassed about this and it really brought home to me how important draught excluding dog beds are.