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Wet Coats, but Dry Dog Beds

So it’s pouring down here now. The day started out lovely, but when you are in Scotland, you can never really expect the weather to stay the same all day. I had the two younger dogs out training this morning and it was beautiful. The hens and the cockerel were also out in full featherly outfit from early hours and when I got back from the dog training, all the dogs lay down on their dog beds on the patio or just in the grass, gassing in the sun shine.

Cockerel in the garden with his four hens

Tippex, the GWP, in garden with a hen. Sunshine.

But now it’s another story. The cockerel has waddled home with his hens, given up on all pecking and scratching. Luckily he didn’t walk through the dog garden with the hens as my dogs would have got up from their warm dog beds to go get them. Yes, I must admit that the hens are only surviving because they seem to walk round the dog fence. Once inside they are only too tempting to the dogs.

I knew it had started to rain as one of our workshop staff turned up with Tippex, as she had jumped the fence. She does it regularly and I need to make sure she stops. I picked her up to chuck her back in to the garden, but she was all wet. Of course they have a kennel each with beautiful dog beds in there, but she just prefers to get in the house when anything seem a little unpleasant. Any rumbling, threatening to become thunder, is too scary for her and lawn mowers are not good either. But now it seems that boredom or a bit of rain also compels her to jump out. She just goes round to see the work shop staff, especially to see Jodie.

I never take the dogs in before 5pm, where they get their food and then settle in to the house for the evening and night, but today they all look sodden and wet, so I caved in and took them in early. They have been out in the rain, so they will make their waterproof dog beds quite wet on the surface, but the great thing is that they won’t make them wet and smelly right through. I am perfectly happy to have them here in the office on their warm dog beds because they will just make the fleece covers slightly damp, but nothing will go smelly as everything will stay on the surface from where it easily and quickly evaporates.