Working Pointers in the Scottish Highlands

  • So nice to have a puppy!

    Pontus is mainly learning how to get on with the world. I simply don't have time to train him as I work the others 3-4 days per week. And also need to look after the day job. However, he has seen most of the grouse moors..
  • Puppy Training starts at Eight Weeks

    Now that I only have Pontus left, I can concentrate on the training. He is keen to learn and it is vital that we go everywhere to see the world. I had him in the pub, in the car, meeting other dogs and on the moor. Here ..
  • Eight weeks and off to new homes.

    Having dreaded the departure for weeks, it is actually not too bad. I have managed not to cry so far. During the last week it has become clear to me that the pups need more than what I can give them and they need more sp..
  • Pups at Seven Weeks Old. Eating us out of the House.

    I have it sorted: First thing in the morning I chuck chicken thighs in their whelping box to keep them in there and NOT on the wet and poohy newspaper in the pen. While they devour the chicken I can clean the pen and put..