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  • Cleaning my Friend’s Dirty Dog beds

    My dog enthusiastic friend, Anne, has got Tuffies Dog Beds absolutely everywhere. In the kennels, in the house (kitchen and conservatory) and in both cars. She has never paid us for one because she has six dogs and..
  • Waterproof dog beds still keeping water out?

    Here at Tuffies we do as much testing as we possibly can to make sure we are selling the highest quality dog beds. We have our fabrics tested for hydrostatic head at an independent laboratory, where we send unused,..
  • How Often do you Wash Dog Beds?

    It has been great fun to ask around among our customers about how often they clean their dog beds. Some will say that they simply can’t remember as the dog beds are in the kennels and so far they have not seen an..
  • Best Dog Beds for Crates

    Many people find it very odd, almost cruel, to keep a puppy in a cage/crate. In fact “crate” sounds better than “cage”. Coming from Denmark, where nobody used crates, I have to admit that I found it super w..
  • Soft or firm dog beds?

    People, who have owned dogs for many, many years have probably developed a sense of what sort of bed is nicest for dogs and there is also an element of habit and tradition involved in the choice of dog beds. Obviou..
  • Raffling Dog Beds in the Rain

    Today I entered an All Age Stake field trial. We had all watched the weather forecast and were prepared for a little bit of rain, which would only amount to drizzle. As often, at these events, I am asked to bring a..
  • Dirt on your Dog Beds

    When it comes to keeping dog beds clean, there are many kinds of dirt to consider before you decide what to buy or how to get it clean. You can have the wet, dirty paws, that, if you have a lovely cream coloured co..
  • You need the best dog beds in the season

    It is now very close to the working season for the working dogs. If you have not experienced pointers working on the moor, you may not be aware of just how much they run.Not just over short heather, but up and down..
  • Many kinds of dog beds

    I went up to Torrish with my friend, Anne, to have a look at the grouse population there. They used to shoot lots of grouse over pointer dogs, but heather beetle killed all the heather and hence the grouse that liv..
  • Dog Beds at the Scottish Game Fair

    We had a lovely Scone game fair hosted by the Scottish Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust held at Scone Palace in Perth. We drove down the road (this is the closest one we do, so it’s almost local) and made it..