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  • Cleaning waterproof dog beds

     It’s amazing the abuse I give my waterproof dog beds. My dogs live in the garden, where they have a large lawn, a patio, an area of woodland and a pond. On the patio they have two little kennels with warm water..
  • Warm Dog Beds

    At this time of writing, my dogs have had a good hour’s walk and it’s late afternoon. They are sitting out in the garden with their bum on the snow, watching the world go by. Perfectly happy. I did consider put..
  • Developing Raised Dog Beds

    Our plastic formers, who make our Chew-proof dog beds are very good and knowledgeable. Nichola, the boss, took my foam model back to their factory to have a think about how to   develop the tool. The first thing ..
  • Modern Dog Beds

    There are usually two things that come in to mind when you hear the word “modern”. One is “fashionable” or “in” and the other is “contemporary” or “technically advanced”. One of our latest developme..
  • Hypoallergenic dog beds

    Without aiming at making hypoallergenic dog beds, we have done it by default. 15 years ago we set out to make super easy-to-clean dog beds and researched the world trying to find the exact right fabric for this pur..
  • Dogs in your bed, not on the dog beds

    My qualified guess is that a lot of us do this. Here at Tuffies we speak to dog owners all day and it does slip out every now and then, that the dogs often sleep on or in the owners' beds, which sometimes can becom..
  • Raised Dog Beds in the Garden

    Now that we are so close to launching our Raised Dog Beds (we can almost touch them), it is nice to look at how the ''indigenous'' Tuffie dogs use and enjoy the prototypes. The prototypes are the Raised Dog Beds th..
  • What Should a Dog Wear?

    Good question. I am totally in the “nothing” camp and I hate seeing dogs dressed up in clothes as if they were babies. The only textile products dogs should be using are their dog beds. Well, I am not totally ..
  • Liners for Raised Dog Beds

    Now that our Raised dog beds are just about here to be lined, there are suddenly big obstacles for seemingly small problems. We have made patterns for liners that fit beautifully inside the raised bed. The biggest ..
  • Dog Beds and Sandy Beaches

    Dogs love the beach. What is there NOT to like about a sandy beach with a nice sea lapping in at the shore? Tippex loves to be taken in the car to the beach with my son or daughter in Aberdeen. As Fergus is heavily..