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  • Dog Beds for Spring and Summer

    As the daffodils in some parts of the country are about to be finished and the bluebells are covering the forest floor, it is time to consider what kind of dog beds to choose for your dog during the next few months. As s..
  • Lighter or Heavier Dog Beds?

    Deciding how warm the dog beds should be for a given dog breed, time of year and place in the house/ kennel/ garden is worth pondering over and to get right. We see a clear drop in sales at the height of summer because c..
  • Stocktaking dog beds

    The year is just about over for another round of producing great dog beds. It is amazing how much "stuff" that is gathered here during a year of production. We have thousands of meters of fabrics sitting in rolls and mou..
  • Puppy Dog Beds

    It has finally happened:  My Germain Wirehaired Pointer, Gaia, is in season and we are ready to aim for a mating, hoping for puppies in nine weeks' time. It is the best thing ever, having pups and I can't wait, hopin..
  • Prizes and Dog Beds at Crufts

    We had a fantastic four days selling dog beds at Crufts 2016, only last week. It is a delight to meet so many Tuffie fans, even when it is only to come round to us and wish us all the best, saying that Tuffies Dog beds a..
  • Dog Beds at Crufts 2016

    Here we are again, off to Crufts to sell our luxury dog beds in hall 5, stand 56. Every year we pack a huge trailer and a huge van full of our best dog beds and drive from Aberdeenshire to Birmingham to sell to the dog o..
  • Looking out for dog beds

    On the yearly trip to France to ski, one's eyes are always out for DOGS and hopefully also for dog beds. First thing that happened, however, was that I stood in a pooh. It has always been my observation that in France th..
  • Moving Dog Beds in to New Office

    We are a relatively small business in charge of running the manufacturing and selling of fantastic dog beds, so moving the office 30 meters should not be too big a challenge. A few people carrying invoice files and chair..
  • Photographing Dog Beds

    To present our products as honestly and precisely as possible is very important in order to give our customers and prospective customers the best chance possible to determine whether our first class dog beds are th..
  • Cleaning waterproof dog beds

     It’s amazing the abuse I give my waterproof dog beds. My dogs live in the garden, where they have a large lawn, a patio, an area of woodland and a pond. On the patio they have two little kennels with warm water..