Leaflets for Dog Beds

Wow, it’s quite staggering how long it takes to produce a nice, new leaflet showing all our waterproof dog beds. I have decided that we definitely now are ready to make a larger brochure as we keep extending the product range. I have actually only made the new leaflet 50% bigger, but I have this time excluded indications of size and colour. These days a leaflet is more of an appetiser so that, if the reader wants to know more, he or she will go on line and get all the details. It’s a bit like a large business card. Obviously there are some customers that will not entertain buying on line or who have not got internet and it is great that we are able to send them a leaflet with a lose price list enclosed, which will enable them to make a decision on which of the great dog beds they want and then call us up to order over the phone.


So I have spent the last week playing with design and photos and wording. All photographs are taken in our studio, so it is handy that I can go and pick one of the dog beds and get the lights right and then the photo can be taken. I can then bring it in the office, where I work in Photoshop to isolate the product from the back ground and set it up with the colours perfect. Our leaflets tend to have dogs sitting or lying on the products and that introduces a whole new raft of problems. Not all dogs like to sit still on a bed. Some are positively scared in the studio environment (I am sure they think they are at the vet’s and that I am the vet with a dubious instrument that has a large eye and goes ‘’click’’). There is no shortage of owners that would like to have their dogs modelling Tuffies Dog Beds, but although their dogs might be impeccably well behaved at home, sometimes they won’t even sit on command, forget lie down. The dogs are sometimes so nervous that even with tons of patience, they still pant and yawn after an hour sitting waiting on them.


Maybe the dog models are super laid back at home and can hardly be persuaded to get off their luxury dog beds to get out for a walk, that mood has all gone when the four studio lamps go on and the “vet” brings out the scary camera. No more lazy lounging on their dog beds, instead pure adrenalin. However, you never know and some of the models have looked rather spiked up when they arrived, but have turned into sleepy creatures in a matter of half an hour. That’s when you get some cute photographs showing how comfortable our strong dog beds really are.

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Puppy Dog Beds for later travelling

Spring time is when a lot of people would like to invest in a new puppy. Also, breeders tend to aim for planning puppies so that they can have most of the mess in the late winter and early spring giving them the chance of letting the puppies out in the sunshine when they are more lively and messy and inquisitive.

One of the first things you should think about if you are planning a puppy will be some good quality dog beds for him or her to lie in. It is very common for puppy buyers to bring one of their dog beds to the breeder in advance of the puppy coming to its new home so that the comforting smells from its first home can be transferred on the bed back to the new home. To be honest nobody knows if this helps the settling in, but we all believe this would be best for the puppy as it must be a shocking experience to leave mum so early and go to a strange home. A good idea would be to bring one of our Puppy/Travel Tuffies so that it smells of Mum back in your home. The Puppy Tuffie has to be one of our best dog beds as it grows with your new dog till he is an adult. The puppy version is simply a scrumptiously thick bed that your puppy will feel very secure in. Given puppy doesn’t chew the bed, it will then continue to be useful when puppy has out-grown the size because you can simply un-do the poppers and make the bed twice the size.

We make many great dog beds, but not any others that can double in size by a simple pull of the buttons. The idea behind this is that the unfolded Puppy Tuffie is now a light weight Travel Tuffie, which will be really handy to have in the back of the car where you are not needing lots of warmth and support, but where you need something that is not taking up a huge amount of your car space. When you go and visit your friend with the dog, they will hopefully say that pooch is more than welcome inside and you can then easily lift the light Travel Tuffie from the car to the house.

Your friends may have lots of great dog beds already, but I am sure your dog would want to stick with his beloved Tuffie even if it’s a bit thinner than his own dog beds at home.

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Dog Beds for Smaller Breeds

Apparently there is an upsurge in ownership of smaller dog breeds. According to the Kennel Club, the small breeds rule the top ten of risers in dog breeds. For example the French Bulldog has risen by 529% in registered puppies in the UK. The smooth coated Chihuahua has gone up by 221%. As we know there is NO shortage of dog beds for larger dogs because we make tonnes of them, but there is maybe a convenience factor involved as owners think that a smaller dog will be less work. OK, they will of course take up less space in the house and will have less hair to shed and spread round, but apart from that, they do apparently need almost as much exercise and attention. Just because they are small dogs, it doesn’t mean that they will just all sleep on their top quality dog beds all day without needing any looking after. Seeing a few interviews with owners of both big and small dogs it is clear that the small dogs are not, in general, needing less exercise, on the contrary some owners say that the bigger dogs are less mad for a walk. The need for tearing around, hunting through everything has more to do with how they are bred, not the size. You see people living in the middle of London having a perfect time with a Great Dane in their house. The Danes are happy with a stroll in the park and a little play with fellow dogs, but they do not demand hours and hours of exercise. Owners claim that they “Don’t take up much space” which I must say I find difficult to believe, maybe it’s something you get used to. Certainly the dog beds for large breeds are bound to take up irritatingly much space in a house. We have a neighbour with a Great Dane, who lives in a small, two bed room house with two children. Lovely dog, it is often outside and will just plod over to the garden fence and look at us when I walk past with my five dogs. It doesn’t bark, just looks. To be honest I thought they might have castrated him, but no he is still entire, just a gentle giant. We supply the large dog beds for him of course.

The thing about small dogs is that they are often small terriers!!! Yes, and they are bred to be active and brave, mostly to disappear down fox holes or to kill rats. They are bursting with energy and go and curiosity and with that comes a bit of “deafness”. They can be a bit difficult to train as they just get busy with what they do.  There is also a chance that the new owner is not quite so strict with the puppy training simply because they are so small and cute as puppies. But you should not be deceived by the small dogs sleeping like angels on their small dog beds…. they are big dogs in their heads!

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Dog Beds with Head Rests

It is funny how important it seems for the dogs to be able to rest their heads on something. As we know, our warm dog beds are super popular and in particular our nest beds. When our happy customers send us pictures of their dogs in the Tuffie Nests, the dogs are very often either lying up-side-down in the beds or they lie with their heads resting on the sides.


Play time in Tuffie nest with upside down dog


Labrador in Tuffie nest with warm nest cover

Looking at our own dogs here, it’s definitely a very popular way of using their warm dog beds. They can lie in the cosy middle while watching everything going on around them. In our house there is obviously some eating going on from time to time and the dogs can comfortably lie with their heads resting on the side checking for crumbs dropping on the floor. Should a decent sized morsel land on the floor, they have their heads ready on the side to mark the exact spot and they can quickly get up and clean it off the floor. The odd peanut of cheese crumb is never, ever missed.

However, the need for resting the head up high as if they had a pillow is about more than watching for food spoils. It seems to be the most comfortable way of sleeping and resting. I observed Tippex when she came with us to the holiday cottage. We didn’t really want her inside, but allowed her after all. She is a clean little dog and she came in for the afternoon because she was all on her own. We had no warm dog beds with us, so she was EVEN allowed to sit in the chair. I couldn’t resist taking this photograph as she used the arm rests to rest her head. Not a particularly soft place for a dog’s chin, but it was obviously important for her to have her head up.


Tippex enjoying her time inside on the sofa

We do hear from time to time from our customers that the dog needs a pillow. Sounds ridiculous, but there is certainly a truth in it when you see how much they enjoy dog beds with sides. Although we, as humans, don’t sleep in warm dog beds, we would not like to be in a normal human bed without a pillow for our heads. Or at least I would think over 90% of humans use a pillow in UK. Maybe you can tell us otherwise?

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Flea free dog beds for the New Year 2015

We notice a high frequency of customers, who say that they got our dog beds recommended by their veterinary surgeons as the best dog bed they could buy. There are two main reasons for vets to recommend our firm, durable dog beds: Comfortable support and hygiene.

Firstly, many dogs are prone to arthritis in their older days and the earlier you give these dogs good support and warmth, the later the clinical onset of arthritis will set in and the symptoms will be a milder as well. Not only is firm support important, it is also extremely important that the dogs are permanently protected against a sneaking cold from the floor. Our waterproof dog beds are absolutely ideal for the above because we insert a futon mattress in each of our dog beds so that they stay firm and do not go flat. The waterproof cover ensures that the inside is not damp or wet, which would lose the insulating properties.

If you have an older dog that already has arthritis, our supportive dog beds are ideal because the old dogs with stiff legs don’t have to try and lift the limbs over deep, floppy beds. With these firm dog beds they can simply step on and step off without any trouble. Once on, they feel nice and secure in their bed from where they know they can easily get up without feeling stuck in the depth.

Secondly, hygiene is important for all dog beds, but if you have a dog with any sort of allergy you are really needing to get a bed that is easy to keep spotless. A surprisingly large number of dogs suffer from house dust mite allergies and these live on dead skin shed onto the bedding. To avoid this problem you want to have bedding that has nowhere for the particles and the mites to get stuck and hide. Our Wipe Clean Tuffies dog beds are absolutely ideal as they are totally smooth. They are super easy to wash in hot, soapy water and rinse off, leaving them amazingly hygienic. All hairs will simply fall off and the house dust mites have nowhere to hide.

When it comes to other delicious stuff like flees, our hygienic dog beds from Tuffies are also utter perfection. With nowhere for the flees to hide or breed, the creatures have no future in our dog’s kennel. You can keep the kennel perfectly clean and hygienic by washing and rinsing with detergents etc and that includes the dog beds. Simply wash the bed down in hot, soapy water and rinse off. As you can use almost boiling water, any larvae or eggs are history after a scrub.

Our anti allergy dog beds are now so famous that vets use them to secure that their clients go and buy the best dog beds for their dogs.

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New Year resolution: Spend less time on your dog beds

You might have a New Year resolution for yourself, getting in the gym, start eating your five a day etc, even maybe losing weight? We all know how difficult these resolutions can be to keep, mainly because it all comes down to ones’ own will power. But you might be surprised by the somewhat sad statistics about dogs’ fitness in UK. Have a look at those bodies lying on the dog beds in your house: are they fit and slim dogs? Apparently recent findings show that 30 – 60% of dogs in UK are overweight or obese. I have no doubt this is all down to love, but it’s love channeled the wrong way. Titbits and lots of yummy food is so nice to give to your dogs, but the truth is that they end up suffering from it, not only because of obesity, but also because of bad teeth. Sugar also rots dog teeth, but the worst is the build up of scale from all the “soft” treats.

So you just have to re-direct your love for your dogs and give them walks and runs instead of treats and food. The good news is that slimming a dog takes much less will power than slimming yourself and the results will come quick and consistent. Waterproof dog beds assures that you don’t have a problem coming home with soggy dogs making the beds soggy, you can run them  once, twice or three times a day in wet weather and their great dog beds will remain dry and insulating.

The PDSA’s annual well-being report has shown that pet obesity levels are continuing to increase and 80% of vets and vet nurses now predict that the majority of pets will be overweight in the next five years. In some ways a big fat cat looks cute, but it’s not good for the cat. A fat dog, sorry, but in my opinion, it looks awful. There is no cute, fat dog. You should be able to clearly see the waist behind the rib-cage and the tummy should go up when looking from the side. I have three lazy looking working dogs lying here in the office on their extremely comfortable dog beds, but they are by no means fat. They go out every day in a large garden, where they love running and playing and they go for long walks with me or they go out on hunting days where they really need their fitness. Nothing is nicer than to see your fit dogs run, enjoying how much and fast they can move. I put them back on their comfortable dog beds in the back of the truck and I know they love lying there, warm and happy after a good day’s running.

In terms of teeth, I always feed a lot of raw food, especially raw bones, which helps scraping off the scales that might build up on their teeth. I feed chunks of tripe, but also  whole deer heads when I can get hold of them from a game keeper. In the outdoor kennels, where they have waterproof dog beds with extra Luxury Fleece covers, they drag these heads in and chew them. Somehow it does not create a terrible stink, but I can wash the covers and hose down the beds if I want anyway.

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Cosy Dog Beds at New Year

Outside it has suddenly gone all frosty. Having “suffered” a very mild winter without a nice snow cover or gaspingly cold days, I am longing for some frost. Obviously with cosy dog beds all over the place, both in the house, the kennels, the car, the office and the dining room, there is no problem with a snap of colder weather because I can rest assured that my furry friends will be absolutely warm and snug both night and day in their great dog beds.

Our drive in front of the office has turned in to an ice rink. I am always the first one in the office and I feel a bit lucky that I parked where I did because there was a bit of grip from the gravel where I stepped out of the car in the morning darkness, otherwise I might have gone flying down the car park, it was absolutely sheet ice. I brought the dogs with me, snug in their dog beds in the back of the truck and upon seeing the ice behind the car, I was very cautious letting them out as it can cause injuries when they jump from the truck-height down on a slippery surface. I just grabbed their neck skin and softened the landing, one by one. This is one of the advantages of having trained the dogs to stay on their dog beds in the car till they are asked out one by one because in this example they might have all just piled out in one go and hurt themselves on the ice.

Anyway, they have a run next to the office and they were very happy to get out there wearing their little jackets to keep warm while they patrol the fence and keep an eye out for who is coming and going. It is nice to know that whether they are running about or lying snug in their waterproof dog beds, they are always warm and comfortable. Dogs are remarkably resilient to cold in SOME ways. When you think how they will jump into an ice cold lake without hesitation or run around the snow in “bare feet”, they don’t seem to be very bothered by low temperatures. But this is not the case when they sleep. It is really important to have a draft free place with well insulated dog beds for them to sleep for the many, many hours dogs do this. The Tuffies dog mattresses are very thick and insulating so that there is no sneaking cold coming up from the ground or floor. Further, if you have any doubt that there might be some draft in the house, make sure you stop this or get a Tuffies Nest bed with the high sides. This eliminates draft and your dogs can enjoy a warm, comfortable sleep on the best dog beds.

One thing I learned recently was that the draft in the back of the car (cab in a truck) can get pretty cold. In my truck I just have flat dog beds without sides and during the summer there are two windows open. I had not really thought about how cold it gets now till my friend sat in the back of the truck a short distance on a private farm road. He told me afterwards that it actually gets pretty cold in there. Obviously I just had to close the windows to stop the draft and the dogs are more than cosy now with the thick, waterproof dog beds to lie on over long journeys.

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Un-chewable Dog Beds

There is no soft fabric, that a dog cannot chew. The rule of thumb is that if you can cut the fabric with scissors, a dog can definitely chew it and if you serve it up in the shape of dog beds, they will get shredded if the dogs are so inclined. We get in touch with companies, who claim to be producing super, super tough fabrics and want to offer it to us for chew proof dog beds. However, if it can be cut, it can be chewed. If you think about it, dogs chew with the teeth  they have immediately behind their canine teeth and they work like scissors by flexing against each other just like two blades on shearers..

Our dog beds are tough and durable, but not chew proof, so please do not give your dogs these beds if you suspect they will be attacked. Our problem is, that very often people buy our dog beds for dogs that normally chew and they have great success with them. This is because there is a big difference between the off-the-shelf low quality stuff you buy in a pet shop and the top quality dog beds that we produce. So customers are delighted and then they go and tell their friends all about these “chew proof” dog beds. Then what happens is that the friends take their advice and go out to buy a normal Tuffie bed for their destructive dogs. You can work out what happens next: the dogs rip up the beautiful, premium dog beds and leave the owners disillusioned. Then, sometimes the customer comes back to us to complain that he thought he had bought a chewproof dog bed, which it clearly is not. Then we finally have to do all the back peddling.

However, the good news are that Tuffies are robust, don’t flatten down to nothing and last for years, and we have of course the Really Tough Tuffie, which is money-back-guaranteed chew proof. So if you have a truly chewing dog, you have the answer in the Really Tough Tuffie. This bed is not chew proof because it is made from particularly strong materials, but because it is put together in a clever way that means that the dog cannot get hold of the chewable parts. Amongst all the tough dog beds in the world, this one provides perfect comfort, draft exclusion and money back guarantee. Your dogs will be snug and comfy and in no danger of eating stuffing. They will lie on these dog beds and sleep while you can lie in your bed with complete piece of mind.

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Dog beds on Santa’s Sleigh

With the production of dog beds ramped up to maximum capacity, the thoughts go to Christmas and Santa’s comfort. As we are making totally waterproof dog beds, we thought that they would be ideal to keep Santa’s bum warm as he whizzes through the skies on his sleigh delivering presents to all the children in the world. And hopefully to all the dogs in the world, who have been good all year. Presumably Santa sometimes runs into a snow storm and if he does not have a durable and reliable seat, he is going to get his bottom wet and he will get all cold and uncomfortable.

It would be very nice if Santa himself can sit in comfort and perhaps have a Luxury Fleece over the Tuffies dog bed as he flies along from chimney to chimney.

Coming to think of it, it would seem a little morbid if Santa is sitting on a reindeer skin while Rudolph is pulling the sleigh. It could be Rudolph’s uncle for all we know. Much better for Santa to make his huge Christmas visit sitting on one of our bespoke dog beds keeping himself all snug.

But hang on…. we expect that Santa up in Lapland is kind of a competitor to Tuffies if all his elves are making counterfeit dog beds. Do not take any copy cat dog beds from Santa this Christmas. Only the genuine article from us will be the real Tuffie dog bed. We know those little elves are very clever, but we suspect they are not quite as good at making dog beds as we are here at Tuffies. Not only do we have to fend off copy cats and even people who cheat through Google, but we now have Santa to deal with.

Obviously, you can always PRETEND that the present comes from Santa if you are wanting to give your dogs the best dog beds in the world. To be honest, we think that that is indeed what happens. Judging from how busy we are at the moment, we are sure that you are all generously ordering the best dog beds for your own pets (yes, also for cats) and for your friends’ dogs and cats. Then, as you pretend that Santa has been on his sleigh, you come up with the best present a dog can ever wish for: a couple of wonderful luxury dog beds that they can snuggle into all night.

Anyway, I don’t have time to write all this nonsense because I need to get out there and make more GENUINE Tuffies dog beds for all the expectant Christmas dogs round the country.

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Where do you put the dog beds at Christmas?

In our house we use real candles on the (real) tree and we decorate the tree with old decorations that all mean something because they were either given to us by friends, inherited from our childhood homes or the kids made them back in the old days. When the festive time comes, every dog owner invariably wants to involve the dogs in the festive season and that means partly to move the dog beds in near the area where the rest of the family is gathered. This is always really nice and various statistics will tell you what a large proportion of dog owners that also give their dog a Christmas present. Well, we certainly see it here because we get very busy up to Christmas when dog owners buy dog beds for their pets or maybe for their friends, who own pets.

It is lovely to have the furry family member in near the festivities, but of course they may not see the lovely roasts and goodies on the coffee table as anything other than easy pickings. Depending on how well behaved pooch is, you need to look out for the pitfalls. On our real tree, we fill the little baskets with sweets and we have learned the hard way that those baskets have to be hung fairly high up. This is not for grand children, of which there aren’t any and won’t be any for a LONG time, but for the dogs. I know it’s said that chocolate is dangerous for dogs and I am sure that is true, but the little sweets may not contain that much cocoa. The problem is more that the dogs get up from their dog beds JUST as you slip out of the room and take their chance to indelicately pick off the baskets and, no doubt, eat the whole basket with content, trashing the tree and decorations in the process.

The other thing about old fashioned trees is that the candles might drip. When you put real candles on the tree, you risk fires and obviously one can never leave the tree unattended with live candles on it, but the other thing is that if you have put the dog beds near, or under, the tree, you might like to think about the candle drips. It’s hot and painful to get a candle drip on your head and the dogs might not appreciate it. It might also be difficult to get the wax off your waterproof dog beds or at least it might stain if you have red candles.

Not long to Christmas now….

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