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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Washing Dog Beds Every Day

    There is definitely a place for waterproof dog beds that you can wash quickly and easily, keeping your  dog's bed smell free at all times. That is what we do here at Tuffies and it is what we are famous for. However, th..
  • New Summer Covers for Dog Beds

    While we concentrate on making practical and extremely comfortable dog beds, we are also aware that almost everyone wants to have a dog bed that is sitting in their house or in their car looking stylish. So in making sty..
  • Puppies are Growing in their Dog Beds

    The pups are now just over a week old and they are growing very, very fast.  They are German Wirehaired Pointers and look like spaniel puppies being white with brown spots. Every single person, who sees them in their wh..
  • Dog Beds for Whelping Boxes

    That was a busy weekend. Away from the normal world of thinking about dog beds, I was buried in the world of whelping. My German Wirehaired Pointer bitch, Gaia, was due to give birth on Friday, so I stayed around and dur..