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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Cosy Dog Beds at New Year

    Outside it has suddenly gone all frosty. Having “suffered” a very mild winter without a nice snow cover or gaspingly cold days, I am longing for some frost. Obviously with cosy dog beds all over the place, both..
  • Un-chewable Dog Beds

    There is no soft fabric, that a dog cannot chew. The rule of thumb is that if you can cut the fabric with scissors, a dog can definitely chew it and if you serve it up in the shape of dog beds, they will get shredd..
  • Dog beds on Santa’s Sleigh

    With the production of dog beds ramped up to maximum capacity, the thoughts go to Christmas and Santa’s comfort. As we are making totally waterproof dog beds, we thought that they would be ideal to keep Santa’s..
  • Where do you put the dog beds at Christmas?

    In our house we use real candles on the (real) tree and we decorate the tree with old decorations that all mean something because they were either given to us by friends, inherited from our childhood homes or t..