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  • Dog beds should be hygienic!!

    What ever dog bed you may own, you should make sure that it is a healthy environment for your pet or working animal. That doesn’t mean that you have to wash and disinfect the surface and inner all the time. Cleaning sh..
  • Dog Beds for The Queen and 007

    When Daniel Craig, as James Bond, went to the Palace to pick up Her Majesty for his Olympic opening stunt, our eyes were on stalks here at Tuffies. Why? Because not so long before that time we had given The Queen one of ..
  • Dog beds: the Transition from Autumn to Winter

    Here at Tuffies Dog Beds, we are more than aware of the changes that the seasons can bring and how this can impact you, your lifestyle and your dog. In this article we will be exploring the changes your dog will have to ..
  • Dog beds of straw?

    Some dog owners swear to keep their dogs warm in the winter by using plain straw or hay. It does look nice when the straw is still golden and fresh and there is an argument for using straw when dogs are constantly wet as..