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  • How to get rid of cat wee on your dog bed

    It is a question we are quite often asked here at Tuffies. Our cat has urinated on the dog bed, how do we get rid of the smell! The problem with cat urine is that it only really gives a bad smell when it is left unnot..
  • Atlas is one Such Rescue dog

    In a previous article we spoke about the process of bringing home the new rescue dog. By nature, most rescue dogs are older than just the 8 weeks when pups are normally taken from their mum. Rescues tend to have been tri..
  • Bringing a Rescue Dog Home

    One of the most important days of your rescue dog's life is the day he comes home with you. This may usually be as an eight-week-old puppy, but in certain circumstances this could be an older rescue dog. I personally ..
  • Taking Photos of Dog Beds

    Our Spring this year is being filled with taking a whole new portfolio of photographs for our new website. Every day we are taking a new set of photos. Once we have our range of dog beds made we take them all over from t..
  • What Dog Bed should i take on a Caravan Holiday

    As the summer season approaches we are often asked about what type of dog bed people should buy to take with them in their caravan. There really are so many different options. The first thing to think about is how comfor..
  • My Dog Died from Eating Corn on the Cob

    Every morning, the first thing i do when i get up is to go into my kitchen and greet my dogs. They all sleep in seperate crates with bespoke Tuffie mattress beds and are usually all sound asleep when i open the door. At ..
  • Dog Beds for Total Relaxation

    We make the most wonderful and relaxing dog beds you can possibly buy. Dogs just adore being able to rest their heads on the side of our nests when they sleep AND when they are just relaxing, looking round the room to ke..