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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Eating Christmas nuts on the dog beds

    So Christmas is getting nearer and it is ok to have lots of nuts around the house. Not that we are eating them constantly, but at the moment they are replacing the roasted peanuts that go with that Ahhh break feeli..
  • Bonfire night on your dog beds

    So Christmas is getting nearer, at least it can be noticed in the supermarkets. The Halloween costumes were intermingled with tentative attempts to sell a bit of Christmas themed items, but one could pass it and think th..
  • Dog beds as trial prizes.

    Yesterday and the day before I spent the day trudging round the turnip fields with a young dog on the lead. There were two trials, an Open trial on Monday and a Novice one on Tuesday. My dog was not ready for an open, so..
  • Game on Dog Beds

    There is a bounty of healthy, happy meat around at the moment. For next to nothing you can pick up pheasants and ducks and partridges from shooting estates. So I did just that, as I was driving home from a visit to Inver..