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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • In the Highlands without dog beds

    It was very, very weird to do what we did this weekend. Just a group of people walking in the middle of the Highlands for the whole morning WITHOUT THE DOGS!!! How very strange. We left the poor pooches at home on their ..
  • Dog beds and the caravan

    Late last year we bought a caravan, nothing huge as we only have a small car, plus there was only the two of us and one dog. We had NO intentions of a second dog at that time. When we collected the caravan there was n..
  • Dog habits and obsessions beyond sleeping on their dog beds

    Normally, all our dogs spend the main chunk of the day in their garden. They get out every morning for either training or walks, but then the rest is for them to mess around at home (unless it is the shooting season and ..