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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • What’s the Temperature on your Dog Beds?

    The temperature can be very deceiving at this time of year because the sun has now got some power in it, yet the ground and the wind can be rather freezing. If you keep your dogs in a kennel outside and if the dog ..
  • Dog Beds for Spring and Summer

    During the long, cold winter we all know how our dogs love the feeling of sleeping on their dog beds in front of the fire. More and more people are using wood burners and open fires instead of oil heating, which is..
  • Is Your Dog Scratching on his Dog Beds?

    This is the time of year where you could be led to believe that your dog has got some kind of allergy that makes his feet itchy. It can look rather fierce when dogs, in absolute desperation, start digging up their ..
  • Easter is a good time for washing dog beds

    This is a good time to look at the outdoor facilities for your dog. When the warmer weather comes along and you have some time around the Easter holidays, it is a perfect time to arrange the kennels in the garden a..