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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Dog Beds at the Scottish Game Fair

    It's that time of year again. We LOVE going to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace. It is friendly and interesting and it's an opportunity to meet all the people outside the sporting season, who gather for some inspir..
  • Paying for dog beds

    Today I will take the opportunity to have a little rant. Having attended the Royal Highland show, we were doing very well and business was good. A lot of people, as usual, came along to say that they already use our dog ..
  • Our dog beds will soon be in new premises.

    Our new premises are soon ready. In a way it has been very quick and easy so far. We only bought the land just over a year ago and we have got a big 30x18 meter building on it now. We are really going to enjoy making all..
  • Digging the dog beds

    We have from time to time been contacted by customers who says that the covers shed fluff in the house. This is of course worrying because we wonder if there is anything wrong with the dog beds. Recently a lady was getti..