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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Dog Beds in the new Kennels

    So we have a lovely Highland Cottage up for rent. Anyone who wants to take a week out of the busy, busy life can hire our little cottage and enjoy the incredible peace and serenity of it. The Ballindalloch cottage sits i..
  • Photographing Dog Beds for all kinds of dogs.

    As part of the job of serving up the display of dog beds on line, it is obviously important to make images that show the products exactly as they are. This is definitely not easy. At a primitive level, one simply takes t..
  • Are Whelping Dog Beds a good idea?

    Last week I was describing how we decided to allow Alice to have a litter of puppies as part of her rich life. She has now passed away and we mourn her very much. She had a life of hunting, being a pet and doing a lot of..
  • Alice’s Puppy Dog Beds

    When Alice was five, she had turned out to be a very desirable hunting dog AND a fabulous pet. She was also a handsome Vizsla with very good hip score, so it seemed like a good idea to carry her genes forward instead of ..
  • Come out from under the dog beds

    I thought it would be good to elaborate a little bit on Alice’s fear of gun shots. As I said in my previous article, she started off as a keen hunting dog and had her first grouse shot over her at 18 months. All was we..