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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Packing dog beds for Crufts

    It’s upon us again!!! We make our great dog beds in Aberdeenshire and every year two of us go down to Crufts to sell dog beds at the world’s biggest dog show. This has been a tradition for years, I think we mus..
  • Dog Hairs on Dog Beds

    Here at Tuffies we spend a huge amount of time (and money) on exactly that problem and on how to prevent it. While fabrics and textiles tend to attract hair in general, we have made sure that we found the solution ..
  • Leaflets for Dog Beds

    Wow, it’s quite staggering how long it takes to produce a nice, new leaflet showing all our waterproof dog beds. I have decided that we definitely now are ready to make a larger brochure as we keep extending the ..
  • Puppy Dog Beds for later travelling

    Spring time is when a lot of people would like to invest in a new puppy. Also, breeders tend to aim for planning puppies so that they can have most of the mess in the late winter and early spring giving them the ch..