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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Dog beds after surgery

    It is the most heart breaking experience to have someone you love in pain. As dog lovers and animal lovers it is also terrible to have an animal being ill or operated on or simply in some unknown pain. When they can’t ..
  • Dog Beds in the New Office?

    It has just occurred to me that we are going to be very sad not to have our companions in the office when we move. In our office we obviously have lots of great dog beds both old ones for durability testing and new ones ..
  • Modelling Dog Beds

    So it has been difficult to get really good models to come and model our dog beds. Although there are many lovely and beautiful dogs around, it is completely different when a dog comes in to a strange building and furthe..
  • Counterfeit Dog Beds

    Some say that we should take it as a compliment, but I don’t think this can be right, it’s just boring hassle. Because we make brilliant dog beds, we now get copy cats making inferior products, which they try to name..
  • Exhausted Journeys on Dog Beds

    Yet again, we set off to the North of Inverness for the last grouse hunt of the year. Up North is where pointer dogs really come in to their own because the area is vast and not a lot is being done to increase the grouse..