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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Making dog beds for the game fair

    We are currently preparing for the Scottish Gamefair at Scone Palace. This is a yearly event for us and Tuffies has been selling dog beds at this show for the last 15 years. The Scottish Gamefair must be the friendlie..
  • Cooling Dog Beds for hot weather

    Your dog may be suffering a bit in the heat wave. Imagine having a coat like a Labrador or even like a Newfoundlander and never be able to take it off! It is a miracle that dogs don't die from heat stroke more often than..
  • Dog Beds for the Summer

    Just like when we kick the heavy, high TOG, winter duvet off and eventually put it away for the summer, our dogs are also benefiting from a lighter version of their dog beds during the warm summers. Should a dog get real..
  • From Puppy Dog Beds to Big Dog beds

    Nothing is more delicious than taking the new little puppy home. It is almost like taking the new baby home from hospital as you kind of set aside everything else in your normal, busy life and devote the day to take in t..
  • My Dog is Chewing his Dog Beds

    Dogs chew their dog beds for many different reasons. Boredom, Anxiety, Loneliness, Discomfort, Insufficient exercise, Insufficient mental stimulation, Habit, Copycat behaviour, To relieve itchy sore gums as puppies wh..