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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Puppies on Dog Beds

    I have just been to see my friend’s puppies. Wow, they are gorgeous in their whelping box. Of course they are not really on dog beds yet, as they are on the standard pet bedding in order to feel all fluffy and warm. Th..
  • Dog beds blowing in the wind

    For the whole of yesterday we were battered by high winds. When you see hurricanes on television, you can’t quite understand that it can be so bad, but when you are in the middle of a storm yourself, it can be almost f..
  • Allergies and Dog Beds

    I have just been contacted by a very, very sorry lady, who asked for our help. She and her family bought a Weimaraner five months ago, but it has now transpired that her little son’s asthma has been brought on by the d..
  • Your Nylon Stockings and Dog Beds

    Here at Tuffies we aim to solve as many bedding problems as possible and we are at the brink of launching a new product that will certainly solve a lot of problems in dog beds. We are refining the finer details of making..