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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • What Should a Dog Wear?

    Good question. I am totally in the “nothing” camp and I hate seeing dogs dressed up in clothes as if they were babies. The only textile products dogs should be using are their dog beds. Well, I am not totally ..
  • Liners for Raised Dog Beds

    Now that our Raised dog beds are just about here to be lined, there are suddenly big obstacles for seemingly small problems. We have made patterns for liners that fit beautifully inside the raised bed. The biggest ..
  • Dog Beds and Sandy Beaches

    Dogs love the beach. What is there NOT to like about a sandy beach with a nice sea lapping in at the shore? Tippex loves to be taken in the car to the beach with my son or daughter in Aberdeen. As Fergus is heavily..
  • Cleaning my Friend’s Dirty Dog beds

    My dog enthusiastic friend, Anne, has got Tuffies Dog Beds absolutely everywhere. In the kennels, in the house (kitchen and conservatory) and in both cars. She has never paid us for one because she has six dogs and..