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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Good Environment Around the Dog Beds

    As our new factory is going up, we start looking at making the environment round the building nice. There is quite a lot to look after, but when good people come in every day to make beautiful dog beds, the environment h..
  • Dog Beds for my Grouse Dogs

    It is now grouse counting time and it is time to get the dogs fit for a massively busy three weeks. I only really have two dogs in top shape plus one dog of nine years old, which makes her less able to work for extensive..
  • Dog Beds at CLA Game Fair

    It is now Wednesday and the CLA game fair starts on Friday. We are in Aberdeenshire and need to travel quite a long way to get there, but the van and trailer are not even packed. The beauty is that we are well rehearsed..
  • Time for new Dog Beds

    For 14 years we have been using the same two different types of waterproof base fabric for all our products because our customers love them. There has been no reason to fix it as it is not broken, but we have come across..