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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Both Warm Dog Beds and Jumpers

    What happened to spring? My dogs are back in their kennel dog beds in the kennels WITH extra jumpers on. Now I have a pregnant bitch, I am particularly fussy about not letting them get cold. They are certainly not up for..
  • Kennel Dog Beds for Spring.

    Last week we spoke about the best dog beds to have in the garden for spring and summer when the dogs enjoy being outside, but may get chilled with draught. The Raised dog beds with sides are ideal for a sunny, but windy ..
  • Dog Beds for Spring and Summer

    As the daffodils in some parts of the country are about to be finished and the bluebells are covering the forest floor, it is time to consider what kind of dog beds to choose for your dog during the next few months. As s..
  • Lighter or Heavier Dog Beds?

    Deciding how warm the dog beds should be for a given dog breed, time of year and place in the house/ kennel/ garden is worth pondering over and to get right. We see a clear drop in sales at the height of summer because c..
  • Stocktaking dog beds

    The year is just about over for another round of producing great dog beds. It is amazing how much "stuff" that is gathered here during a year of production. We have thousands of meters of fabrics sitting in rolls and mou..