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  • Kennel dog beds

    So now we have beautiful kennels at Ballindalloch Cottage, the let Highland Cottage, which you can enjoy through Tuffies. It might seem very odd that we, as a company selling dog beds let a holiday cottage, where you are..
  • Yet another one of our Luxury Dog Beds

    We have got on a roll and become very obsessed by the idea of luxury dog beds. Last week I described the Fleece Lined Nest that we have launched and this week we have launched a beautiful 100% wool tweed cover to go with..
  • Fleece-lined Luxury Dog Beds

    Ah, we couldn’t resist it in the end, we just had to put the Fleece Lined Nest into production. We keep inventing, trying and testing new products and sometimes our creativity takes over so that we can hardly keep up w..
  • It must be thanks to the dogs beds

    At the weekend I attended a working test with Gollum and Gaia. Gollum was entering the Open Class while Gaia did the Novice. This is a very good example of how this is all about taking part and not SOOO much about winnin..