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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Raffling Dog Beds in the Rain

    Today I entered an All Age Stake field trial. We had all watched the weather forecast and were prepared for a little bit of rain, which would only amount to drizzle. As often, at these events, I am asked to bring a..
  • Dirt on your Dog Beds

    When it comes to keeping dog beds clean, there are many kinds of dirt to consider before you decide what to buy or how to get it clean. You can have the wet, dirty paws, that, if you have a lovely cream coloured co..
  • You need the best dog beds in the season

    It is now very close to the working season for the working dogs. If you have not experienced pointers working on the moor, you may not be aware of just how much they run.Not just over short heather, but up and down..