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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • The Need for Dog Beds is starting to Show

    It is now 27th August and the grouse season started on a rainy “Glorious 12th August”. It has been very wet and hard work and my three German Wirehaired Pointers are in heaven, but the pace is slowing due to the many..
  • Dog beds in the referendum

    So there is now less than one month till Scotland decides whether to become and independent country or whether to stay together with the rest of UK. What does this mean for the Scottish dog beds? It is very difficult to ..
  • Allergy free dog beds

    Having sold the best dog beds for about 14 years, we have learnt a few things about dogs and their sleeping habits. We have also come to realise that many, unfortunate dogs suffer from allergies. I have never owned a dog..
  • Get the most out of the great outdoors this winter

    Winter time brings a whole new dimension of enjoyment to the great outdoors. If you embrace the winter weather, then there is much enjoyment to be derived by this season, particularlay if you have a dog! There is nothing..