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  • How to clean your dog beds. Part Two

    In this article I will be explaining how best to care for and look after your Durasoft Mattress Dog Bed. Like the Wipe Clean fabric, the Durasoft is also 100% waterproof. There are however some small differences, so we w..
  • How to clean your dog beds. Part one

    We are always told how easy it is to look after and maintain our wide range of dog beds. In this article series i am going to go over some of the different products in our range and how best to keep them looking great 24..
  • Dog Beds in the Summer

    There is no greater feeling then when spring is moving in to summer. For humans we start to throw open our front doors the house gets cleaned from top to bottom you can keep up with the washing and life seems happy. Dogs..
  • Dog Beds for Older Dogs

    When your beloved dog enters his twilight years he may start needing a little extra care and comfort. He may have joint problems and you may start to notice it takes him just a little bit longer each morning to get up of..