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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Dog Beds for Transporting Puppies

    I have been transporting puppies quite a lot recently and it’s not finished yet. Obviously they are always travelling in a cage in the car for safety and for containing possible vomit!!! In the cage I have had one of o..
  • Dog Beds in the Rain

    There is a limit to what you can do with dog beds. At the moment the puppies (all 9 of them) are spending their days outside in a big pen in the garden. We have made the pen with big posts and chicken wire right round. T..
  • Dog Beds for Puppies

    Gaia's puppies are now six weeks old. They LOVE being in the garden, so luckily we have nice weather. Last week was rather wet and the grass and plants absorbed all the water to some extent, but in the end it all got too..
  • Taking Dog Beds to the Scottish Game Fair.

    On 1st to 3rd of July the big Scottish Gamefair was on at Scone Palace. Tuffies was there as every year come what may, selling great dog beds at their stand in Pheasant Row. Many people are asking us if we feel we have s..