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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Dog beds in chapels and other places

    Here at Tuffies we receive many varied requests. With some orders we know where the dog beds are going and what dog it is going to be used for, but most of the time we wouldn’t know. Then LATER on we sometimes realise ..
  • Dog Beds in the Dog World

    The world of dogs is rather simple when it comes to manners. Actually, there are very few manners as things are just said straight out. If I was a dog and was snoozing on one of my dog beds and didn’t fancy sharing it ..
  • Valentines Dog Beds

    Did you see our Valentines dog beds???  We are very proud of them and we have distributed a lot of them. They are like our nests, but they are beautifully heart shaped and very red.  All the comfort is still there for ..