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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • After this they all need their dog beds

    At the moment there is again demand for the dogs. This time of year is grouse counting time. In March-April the grouse pair up as husbands and wives and start looking seriously for a nesting place. On the big Scott..
  • Dog Beds in the Snow

    On annual leave recently, I was skiing in Italy, a nice break after four busy days at Crufts. Having stood up on a concrete floor for 10 hours a day, talking non-stop about dog beds, some fresh mountain air was wel..
  • Good times selling dog beds at Crufts

    So we are back again, pretty exhausted after Crufts. We has such a good time and as usual it was brilliant to meet everyone who came to our stand. We find, every year, that there is a steady stream of happy custome..
  • Winning Dog Beds at Crufts

    We would of course like to claim that our dog beds are the winning dog beds at Crufts if you consider all the other dog beds for sale. Tuffies dog beds stand out not only because of what is inside, but also what th..