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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • Washable Covers for Dog Beds

    As autumn and then winter approaches it is time to think about how to tackle the problem of muddy dogs and dog beds. Obviously there are no end of cheap dog beds on the market and they really are cheap. If you have a ..
  • Dog Beds in Modern Colours

    It must be the number one priority to have top quality dog beds for our dogs and it is important to search for the absolute best dog beds in terms of warmth and comfort and practical hygiene. When you look for the best d..
  • Dog Beds on the Hill

    The best way to take dogs travelling in the back of a car is with a good, waterproof dog bed with a firm filling/mattress. The one in the picture is one of Tuffies' waterproof dog beds in fact it is one of the bespoke do..
  • Foam in Dog Beds?

    Tuffies has now existed for 16 years on the basis of our fabulous dog beds is the futon mattress inside. We are famous for our top quality through and through, from the futon, which keeps its shape, warmth and thickness ..