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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • Dog Beds for Smaller Breeds

    Apparently there is an upsurge in ownership of smaller dog breeds. According to the Kennel Club, the small breeds rule the top ten of risers in dog breeds. For example the French Bulldog has risen by 529% in regist..
  • Dog Beds with Head Rests

    It is funny how important it seems for the dogs to be able to rest their heads on something. As we know, our warm dog beds are super popular and in particular our nest beds. When our happy customers send us picture..
  • Flea free dog beds for the New Year 2015

    We notice a high frequency of customers, who say that they got our dog beds recommended by their veterinary surgeons as the best dog bed they could buy. There are two main reasons for vets to recommend our firm, du..
  • New Year resolution: Spend less time on your dog beds

    You might have a New Year resolution for yourself, getting in the gym, start eating your five a day etc, even maybe losing weight? We all know how difficult these resolutions can be to keep, mainly because it all c..