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  • How do You Wash Waterproof Dog Beds?

    The reason for using waterproof dog beds, especially for large dogs, is that you cannot fit a big dog bed in to a domestic washing machine. Of course there are large dog beds with very little substance and very little st..
  • Where can I get Warm Dog Beds?

    When choosing dog beds it is important to understand how your dog sleeps and where. Firstly, if your dog sleeps in the house, have you considered how cold it is at floor level and also how cold the floor itself is? Wh..
  • Dog beds for export

    The fall of the Pound Sterling is having an effect on exporting British manufacturers with much more interest from abroad and rising export. Here at Tuffies, where we are manufacturing dog beds for the UK market, we d..
  • Dog beds for cars

    Just got a new truck to transport my pointers. As always, it has a beautiful and enormous Tuffie dog bed in the back. It is a Wipe Clean Tuffie dog bed with a thick Fluffie Tuffie cover on it, which is easy to take off a..