Dog Beds in Cage or Car?

Bringing up puppy is always a bit of a matter of judging the development and react accordingly. You can’t really say that there is a definite, safe time when you can take puppy along without him being sick in the car and there is no definite time when he can be allowed the communal dog beds that the other dogs use in the back of the vehicle as opposed to his choice of bespoke dog beds in his cage.

I set out very early with Pontus, my GWP puppy, having to leave him in the car at 11 weeks old for a few hours at a time. He was born 28th May and weaned at the end of July with the Glorious 12th coming up soon after that, where I spend a lot of my time working the adult pointers on the moor. Poor Pontus had to put up with hours waiting in the car. Of course I wouldn’t just leave him loose on dog beds in the back of my truck as he would not be safe and certainly not be feeling safe. I have a cage that fits nicely on the back seat of my car’s cab and whilst travelling, he would sit in the cage where I could keep an eye on him. He used to be sick on the dog beds, so I actually put some towels on top of the luxury dog beds so that he could be sick on them. Every time he had been sick, I just stopped and gathered up the towel, wearing my disposable rubber gloves, stuffing all the dirty towels in to a plastic bag and cleaning up with kitchen roll. I actually thought that puppies couldn’t LEARN to travel, I thought they would just be sick on their travel dog beds till their balancing censors in their ears had developed sufficiently purely with age, but accordingly to friends, it is just a matter of training them and travelling often with them to get them trained to the rolling of the car. Certainly Pontus has got used to it now, he is only just over 12 weeks and perfect on journeys. He did adapt a self taught technique of lying down with his head buried in the dog beds and covers from the very start of the journey in order not to get sick. I know from sailing that if you are feeling sick, you either stay up and keep your eyes on the horizon or you go down below and lie down. I think Pontus worked that one out pretty quickly.

He is now not a little squirt anymore and I trust that the older dogs will not attack him and he will not get lost under the big, heavy bespoke dog beds in the back of the truck, so he now travels with the others in the back. Also, when I leave him in the car, he lives in the back, where it’s guaranteed not to get too hot. He can have all the chews and foods he enjoys in order to reel away the time.

The other day a completely different danger appeared though: As we were negotiating very difficult ground, travelling in on the bumpy roads across the moors and rivers, the big, heavy spare wheel, which is designed to fit UNDER the car, but is now living on the dog beds in the back with the car, fell off its hooks and luckily didn’t squash puppy….   it is very, very heavy. It bounced on the dog beds and if anyone had their paw in the way, maybe the softness of the waterproof and soft covered dog beds saved them.

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Puppy Dog Beds

We can thoroughly test our own Puppy Dog Beds now as we have a proper little puppy here in the office. Pontus is now 12 weeks old and loving life as puppies do. As I write he is lying on his one favourite of our dog beds: the Puppy Tuffie.

The advantage of this product is that you can justify buying top quality for your puppy although it is the correct size from the start and will seemingly become too small very quickly, but it won’t. This is because the Puppy Tuffie is a complete bed, but folded over to create a very warm and cosy little bed for your little dog and then it UNFOLDS to a bed large enough for your adult dog.

The construction is in some ways the same as all our dog beds: a futon mattress with a waterproof cover, but this bed is much, much thinner when it is unfolded and is meant to be used as a travel bed. Our dog beds are all very thick and substantial and they are not easy to bend, but that is exactly the attraction as they insulate perfectly from the floor.

Here is Pontus on the Puppy Tuffie, loving the soft feel as he is only little.

Pontus on Puppy Tuffie copy

The bed is made from a thinner version of our futon mattress with a totally waterproof cover made from our Durasoft material. The bed comes with a cover, which has press studs underneath making it possible to close these dog beds in to the smaller puppy version with the 12 poppers on the underside. The cover can be taken off and machine washed as often as you need to and IF puppy piddles on the bed you just take the bed out for a good scrub with hot soapy water and rinse off straight away.

As an unfolded travel bed it is much more convenient than the full size of our dog beds because it is easy to lift and it does not take much space up in the back of the car. You won’t know it is there when you put all your shopping in, but it gives your dog a warm, perfectly bouncy place to sleep on his way home from the long walk or a day of working.

Dog beds are important things to get right and Tuffies have something for everyone.

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The Fabric for our Dog Beds

Our Durasoft is a 1000 Denier Texturised Nylon, which is the strongest fabric on the market (beware of cheap polyesters!).

We have these fabrics coated to Tuffies’ specifications with an extra heavy duty Polyurethane waterproofing on the reverse side of the fabric as this provides a long lasting, flexible waterproofing.

The advantage of the Durasoft is that it feels like a lovely upholstery fabric, but it is super strong and waterproof. Perfect for the world’s best dog beds.

While NOTHING is chew-proof, the Durasoft is the toughest you will get and it certainly blunts our cutting equipment in record time!


Our Wipe Clean is a woven fabric, which is totally coated with an Acrylic waterproofing on BOTH sides of the fabric, creating a smooth surface which is easy to wipe clean using a general household cleaner. This unique coating gives it a pleasant, slightly ‘tacky’ touch like a waxed jacket. This means that these waterproof dog beds have enough grip for your dog.

The advantage of the Wipe Clean is that no dog hairs can ever stick to it. Any dirt like greasy treats or dog slobber can be wiped off in seconds. Fantastic for incontinent old dogs or piddly puppies. This bed is the absolute answer to dogs that suffer from House Dust Mite allergy. Totally hypoallergenic and free of fleas.

Durasoft and Wipe Clean BLOG

In terms of washing the dog beds:

Our Durasoft fabric feels and behaves like a top quality, heavy duty upholstery fabric. It is completely waterproof, coated on the reverse of the fabric.

When you wash it, simply scrub thoroughly with hot, soapy water and rinse off. Leave the Durasoft Tuffie bed to air-dry for 45 minutes on a nice, warm day.

Durasoft and Wipe Clean washing.

Our Wipe Clean fabric is totally water repellent so it does not get wet at all. When you wash it with hot, soapy water, the water simply runs off and you can towel dry the bed after washing.

Both types are easy to clean dog beds.

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UK Manufactured Dog Beds

We are extremely proud to be producing dog beds in Scotland. We started 16 years ago literally in one room in shared premises. This grew in to first one building that we had to put up, then an extension on that one followed by a large building project, which finished two years ago. We are constantly running out of space, but that is of course a good problem to have. Building projects are very draining and I don’t fancy starting another one any time soon.

But it is very much worth it having nice premises. When you build new work premises for all sorts of manufacturing, not only for UK manufactured dog beds, you build for several reasons. Some of the main ones are:

1) To make the work environment as healthy and pleasant for all staff as possible.

2) To make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible so that less time is wasted.

3) To simply make it possible to expand product range and volume in dog beds.


There are lots of smaller reasons including one that has to do with pleasant and healthy environment: To give enough space to the making of luxury dog beds that the outdoors can be tidied up a little bit. As we were cramming everything in to this place, we had to erect portacabins. Grrrr, they are the ugliest objects on the planet and we ended up having them here!  Once we built a new, large building with both workshop and storage space, the portacabins could finally go and we could grow the grass again. After the builders finished, we have landscaped and organised everything so neatly that it is no longer an eyesore. We manufacture waterproof dog beds with extra, soft, covers for the best dogs in the world and it is important that the beds are produced in good, clean premises that are built for the purpose. Furthermore, we are a rural business and when the farmers around us are keeping their farms neat and tidy, it was important to us to live up to that and keep the Tuffies premises nice and clean too.


Tuffies Workshop and storage.

Tuffies Workshop and storage.

Right around the building the grass is cut and the gravel is sprayed to avoid the weed to grow up through it. The hedges get cut and the paths swept.


Could you ever ask for a nicer office building?

Could you ever ask for a nicer office building?

From here we send out top quality dog beds to all over the UK.

Happy staff, efficient work routines and good space means that we produce the BEST in dog beds.

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Dog Beds for Transporting Puppies

I have been transporting puppies quite a lot recently and it’s not finished yet. Obviously they are always travelling in a cage in the car for safety and for containing possible vomit!!! In the cage I have had one of our bespoke dog beds made so it fits in perfectly. I was going to put in one of our Puppy Tuffie dog beds, but because I personally don’t need travel dog beds later for my puppy (as I have one of the bespoke dog beds in the back of my truck for transport of several dogs) I just need one to fit the cage permanently.


Some of the nine puppies have been incredibly easy to transport. The first one I brought to meet his new owners was Titan. He just got in the cage and sat quietly all the way to the meeting place. It took about 30minutes, well beyond the time he might have been sick, which he never was. He continued all the way to Caithness and apparently he just slept. An easy puppy.


Phoebe, on the other hand, didn’t care how nice the dog beds were, or how quietly I was driving or whether I put the radio on, she absolutely yelled for miles and miles. The sound just behind the passenger seat is so piercing it hurts. After four miles I actually stopped to see if I maybe had some ear defenders in the car for shooting. Unfortunately, as it’s outside the shooting season, I didn’t carry my emergency bag with essential stuff I might need, I only carry dog beds and stuff that I will need for the hounds during the summer. My ear drums were hanging in shreds by the time she finally fell asleep. At least you know that the soft dog beds will finally entice the pups to nod off and relax and I got the next 30 miles in peace.


Yesterday, delivering Calypso to a grouse estate, was a bit easier. I was prepared with a car full of dog beds and dogs in the boot with puppy in the cage in the cab and my ear defenders on. People in passing cars did seem to stare a bit as I was motoring on with great big ear defenders on my head, but I didn’t care, it was just perfect. She stopped yelling after just five miles anyway and I could take the defenders off.


As we got to the estate, Anne and I were going to work the dogs there to count grouse anyway and puppy came along for the ride. I had deliberately not fed her before I went (apart from a chicken wing), so she was never sick. We set off up on the hills with her still in the cage, but she now wanted a big more company and we let her abandon her dog beds and came up the front with Anne. What a wiggly little puppy. Here I was, driving on pretty steep and difficult roads through streams and rivers and in places with horrendous drops down the side with a puppy that was fed up with her dog beds and instead choosing to walk all over me and my steering wheel. When it got too dangerous she got taken away of course. Anne had her own survival to consider, lol.


Wonderful to see puppy getting out on the moor for the first time, being friendly with everyone and running around at the picnic. What a super place to leave a puppy. I left a couple of dog beds too and I think this dog will have the most amazing working life with its new owner. Hooray.

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Dog Beds in the Rain

There is a limit to what you can do with dog beds. At the moment the puppies (all 9 of them) are spending their days outside in a big pen in the garden. We have made the pen with big posts and chicken wire right round. The pups have essentially two dog beds out there. One for their “den”, which is a farmer’s lamb house and one for sunning themselves outside.

The lamb house is tremendous as it is a simple box with a round hole in both ends. The farmers use it during the spring when the lambs are small and might need some shelter in the very unpredictable Scottish weather. The box and hole is too small for the mother-sheep to get in so the lambs have it to themselves. Obviously they don’t have any dog beds in there, the boxes just sit directly on the grass. In the puppy pen we have made bespoke dog beds to fit the box exactly so we can keep changing them to make sure there is always a dry bed in there. We have had the most incredibly wet weather in the last week and the pen has got very wet. However, with bespoke thick and sturdy dog beds we have ensured that even when the ground is soaked and swollen with rain, the pups are all high and dry on the fleece covered dog beds in the box. Because it is one of our normal, thick dog beds, that we stuff firmly as usual, it doesn’t move or folds up, it stays in place with even, insulating thickness right across the whole of the sleeping area, so nobody is missing out on support and warmth.


The outdoor dog beds are a different matter. This is of course an impossible problem to solve when thunderstorms are raging and several inches of rain fall in 24 hours. The puppies have been enjoying one of our raised dog beds in the pen so that they can sun themselves and enjoy the usual benefits of raised dog beds such as being nicely insulated from the cold ground, have a good draught exclusion round them for the cold breeze and the warmth from the fleecy liner. But yesterday the clouds suddenly came over us and created darkness I have never witnessed. We were in the office and first priority was to unplug everything we could think of, firstly phone lines, computers and cctv, next all other electrical appliances. We were all staring outside and the manufacturing of dog beds in the workshop also ceased as the darkness was accompanied by the rumbling of thunder. It started to rain and the lightning appeared. Having unplugged everything, we felt fairly safe, but worried because of the eerie feeling. Suddenly the building was hit by lightning and we all literally jumped in the air. A right SMACK. No smell of burning, but now the rain absolutely bounced on the ground outside. All nine pups were sound asleep in their lamb house, safe from the rain and oblivious to the lightning and thunder. The dog beds managed fine: The raised dog beds obviously got completely soaked, but it is so easy to remove the liners and either wash the whole thing or put it up to dry. The one in the box got wet underneath and I will have to deal with this today when I can wash and dry it, but dog beds like this performed the one and only important function: it kept all nine puppies dry and warm right through one of the most severe thunder storms and down pours I have ever witnessed. Hooray.

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Dog Beds for Puppies

Gaia’s puppies are now six weeks old. They LOVE being in the garden, so luckily we have nice weather. Last week was rather wet and the grass and plants absorbed all the water to some extent, but in the end it all got too muddy. The pups didn’t mind at all and it’s good for them to get used to the fact that weather is not always sunny and warm. I saw them lying outside in one of their raised dog beds while it was raining lightly. They were not aware of getting wet till they were really quite soaked. Nice to see the hardiness of the GWP already at six weeks of age. They love the raised dog beds because they are well sheltered from any wind and draughts and they get the warmth from the nice fleece. It is funny to see them all playing longer and longer at a time and then suddenly getting very tired and all pile into one heap on one of their luxury dog beds. They can go on the Raised Tuffie bed or they can go in to their little lamb’s house, which I borrowed from the farmer next door. It’s a box with a round hole in the front and they simply have one of our waterproof dog beds in there with a thick fleece on. They love it and seem really warm and cosy if you stick your hand in. They are outside till late at the moment because we tend to sit outside with a little barbecue or bonfire watching them. When they have finished playing, they go in to the little lamb house and conk out. We then have to drag nine rag dolls out from their house to carry in to the indoor pen.


They still sleep in their whelping box inside, but it only has a bit of pet bedding in it as they are so small and don’t need support yet. It’s warm and nice in there too.

When they all go to their new homes they will probably end up leaving with one of our dog beds, probably the bespoke dog beds to fit a crate. Crate training is recommended as the pups will need to learn to be on their own and safe.


Once they are older I am sure they will be happy to get a nest bed to sleep in. All dogs love our comfortable dog beds, but in particular the nests.

When you take a puppy home, he or she would greatly enjoy a Puppy Tuffie, which is the one of our dog beds that is deep and warm for puppy and will fold out to an adult travel bed as puppy grows out of it.

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Taking Dog Beds to the Scottish Game Fair.

On 1st to 3rd of July the big Scottish Gamefair was on at Scone Palace. Tuffies was there as every year come what may, selling great dog beds at their stand in Pheasant Row. Many people are asking us if we feel we have saturated the market now as everyone that goes to Scone seem to already have one or two Tuffies dog beds. The answer is, to some extent, yes, but then we have been coming for well over 10 years and customers have started to replace their original Tuffies or adding new products to their collection. The situation is clearly that if we had never been to Scone gamefair before and suddenly turned up, we would, no doubt sell a lot more dog beds in three days than we did during these last three days, but going to Scone is also a social occasion and we like to be there to provide a service. AS IT TURNED OUT, WE HAD A RECORD YEAR AT SCONE. Many people come along just to see if there are any new products or new colours that might tempt them. Of course many customers have seen the new dog beds and colours on line or on Facebook and they are curious to see them in the flesh.

As I work my dogs all winter I also enjoy meeting all the other fellow hunters and dog workers at the show and it’s great to meet up with people that I perhaps didn’t get round to meet all last season for one reason or another.

There will be other people selling dog beds at the show, but that doesn’t normally bother us. We innovate, manufacture and sell fantastic dog beds that are soft, warm, durable and easy to keep clean. In essence we make top quality waterproof dog beds with optional machine washable fleece covers that you may like to add to the bed. About 40% of customers use the Tuffies dog beds just as they are, but 60% would add a cover, which they can take off and wash in the washing machine so that everything is kept clean and fresh. It also makes the bed look nicer in the house because you can get all sorts of designs and colour schemes. We have recently added our Summer Covers that are unique in their very sunny and summerly colours. They all remind you of days on the beach or sunny evenings and green trees. Very refreshing and a nice way to include your dog beds in the change of seasons.

We were lucky to get good weather and almost no rain at the weekend. The forecast looked dodgy, but with luck the rain just managed NOT to hit Scone this time. Although we sell waterproof dog beds the endless mud and cold weather makes the weekend such a disaster of gloom.

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Washing Dog Beds Every Day

There is definitely a place for waterproof dog beds that you can wash quickly and easily, keeping your  dog’s bed smell free at all times. That is what we do here at Tuffies and it is what we are famous for. However, there IS also a place for flat machine washable dog beds without any stuffing in them at all and that place is underneath puppies. Now that Gaia’s pups are three weeks old, they are on a thick, double sided fleece with a towel underneath while they are in the whelping box. They are now eating and drinking and are becoming quite big puppies, so there is a lot of wet there. The pee runs through the fleece and gets absorbed in the towel. Till now I have managed to change the fleece and towel once a day for a good, HOT wash, but I can see that I will soon be needing newspaper and a change of box bedding twice a day. Dog beds wouldn’t work in this situation because it is too bulky to give the pups a safe place under the pig rails. I often see a puppy behind Gaia, safely stuck without any danger of suffocation because of the pig rails. If I had one of our luxury dog beds in the whelping box, it would not leave enough space for a stuck puppy to breathe.  There have been no accidents so everything is good and safe.




Once the pups are older I can take the pig rails out and they can have as many dog beds as they like, but really while they are so small, they don’t need much support because they don’t have much weight to push down to the floor. But they are German Wirehaired Pointer puppies and once they are adult they will all need soft, supportive dog beds in their new homes.


Gaia doesn’t bother staying with them, she just makes sure they are fed and clean and then she goes over and lies in one of her raised dog beds that is at her disposal. She absolutely loves the raised bed as she is a little higher up than otherwise, seeing the world better and she is off the floor. The soft, cosy liner helps her keeping warm and comfortable and of course that is also super easy to put in the washing machine for a good freshening up.


I look forward to sending the pups along to their new homes with their comfortable puppy dog beds and other little goodies that they should be treated to. Of course it is not nice to say goodbye to the pups, but you know what I mean.


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New Summer Covers for Dog Beds

While we concentrate on making practical and extremely comfortable dog beds, we are also aware that almost everyone wants to have a dog bed that is sitting in their house or in their car looking stylish. So in making stylish dog beds we are permanently on the outlook for nice, top quality fabrics to purchase. We came across our latest fabric for covering the waterproof dog beds recently and out of many wonderful choices, we picked four. They are all tartan pattern in summer inspired colours such as sunshine and evening glow along with a blue and sandy coloured one reminding you of beach life. We even have one in grey colours like a pebble beach as you battle the “summer weather” and it’s like today: fresh with wind and rain, saturating all plant life ready to burst into life when the sun comes back out.

Summer Mattress cover Summer Glow

Summer Mattress cover Summer Glow



Summer Mattress cover Sunshine

Summer Mattress cover Sunshine

Summer mattress cover Sand'n'pebbles

Summer mattress cover Sand’n’pebbles

Summer Mattress cover Seaside

Summer Mattress cover Seaside


The new covers transform the sleeping area in to light, cool dog beds for the hotter season. The fabric is 100% polyester so it is easy to vacuum the dog hairs off and it is also super easy to wash and dry. The covers can cope with 60 degrees wash and come up like new. Of course you will see more dog hairs on these fabrics, but when you have dogs, you have dog hairs. If you absolutely hate seeing dog hairs on your dog beds, you would need to opt for our Wipe Clean Tuffie beds that are smooth like a waxed jacket and hold no hairs at all. But for beauty in your home and softness for your dog, fabric covers are the answer.

Summer Mattress cover on mattress bed

Summer Mattress cover on mattress bed


We are doing two styles, we have summer covers for our waterproof mattress dog beds, which close with poppers on the underside, which means that if a dog is slightly tempted to chew the metal poppers, they are unlikely to see these while sleeping on their luxury dog beds.

We also have covers for our deep dog beds, called our nest beds and we supply the covers for both the sides and the cushion in the middle as a set.  The cover that goes right over the sides of the nest and tie at the bottom with a draw string and a toggle. It takes a minute to get the hang of the fitting it all together, but once it’s in place it stands up to a lot of digging and rummaging around without it getting out of place.

Nest Summer Cover on a nest with Tippex the GWP

Nest Summer Cover on a nest with Tippex the GWP

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