• Dog Beds for Sale

    If you are not an expert, it could be confusing to choose a dog bed amongst all the dog beds for sale on line and in shops. If you don't really know what to look for and what your dog would like, the dog bed market would..
  • Where to put the Dog Beds

    When you choose dog beds for your dogs you will be considering every thing from waterproof dog beds to chew proof dog beds and you will be first and foremost concerned with the comfort of the dog bed for your dog. Last w..
  • When Dogs Choose their Dog Beds

    Dogs can't talk. So they have certain learnt ways to communicate their needs to us, mostly for things like "I need out to toilet" or "I want food" or "Come this way please" or "I want in, open the door!!!". But since the..
  • Photographing New Dog Bed Models

    We are now right up there with the interior design fashion as we have various shades of grey in our dog beds. Apparently grey is just the thing for the house at the moment. For us it is not a simple process of picking co..
  • Dog Beds on TV

    Last week I had the pleasure of showing my dogs on TV. It was five minutes on BBC Scotland, the Landward programme. This all started because Euan Macillwraith bought a dog bed from us and I got in touch that way. I sa..
  • The Winning Dog Beds

    Of course our dog beds are the winners when it comes to quality, durability, comfort and hygiene, but they are also winners in other ways: we often have competitions going on, either on Facebook or in magazines, where re..
  • Draught excluding dog beds

    Remember, now it is getting colder, that it is important to put your self in the dogs' space and feel for your self whether you think that the dog beds are warm enough. On the  floor it can be a whole lot colder than yo..
  • Dog Beds on the Floor

    Have you tried to sit or lie down on the floor in your house recently? At this time of year we get the slippers and the thicker socks out and the reason is that we are getting closer to winter and we are getting colder. ..
  • Got my Dog Beds Stolen

    It is essential for travelling with one or several dogs to have good dog beds in the back of the car. Obviously I travel a lot with my dogs as I work them on all sorts of grouse moors and other stuff. I also take them wi..
  • Washable Covers for Dog Beds

    As autumn and then winter approaches it is time to think about how to tackle the problem of muddy dogs and dog beds. Obviously there are no end of cheap dog beds on the market and they really are cheap. If you have a ..