• Dog Beds for Sale at Crufts

    Four gruelling, but wonderful days at Crufts. Each year we set up our dog bed stand at Crufts in NEC, we are overwhelmed by the "cult" status our dog beds are taking.This year we had record sales, which of course is grea..
  • Raised Dog Beds

    Raised dog beds are brilliant in the garden. Dogs love having a comfortable place from where they can observe what goes on around them. The garden is a great place to do so as there is normally something going on. It mig..
  • Travelling on business with Pontus

    Travelling on business away from home is always a bit lonely, but it just has to be done from time to time. When you have working dogs in training it is even more annoying to be away for a long time as the dogs are not b..
  • Dog Beds for Large Breeds

    It can be a big problem to get good quality large dog beds. There are plenty of small dog beds for sale in UK, but large dog beds are more difficult to come by if you want real quality. Or at least it is difficult to fin..
  • Chew Proof Dog Beds

    It is often a problem for dog owners that the dogs chew their dog beds. Some dogs never touch their beds and can have an inferior dog bed for many years without chewing or clawing it, but some really trash their beds in ..
  • Buy the correct size dog bed

    It helps to get the correct size dog bed when you are looking through all the perfect dog beds to choose from. However, there are many examples of beds, DESPITE being bought in the correct size  (plenty of space for eac..
  • Dog beds made in UK

    There are many dog beds for sale out there, but a lot of them are made abroad. It goes without saying that if you are importing dog beds in a container from China, you can't import good quality ones that have weight and ..
  • Versatile dog beds in the car.

    It is handy to have a dog bed in the back of the car, which covers the entire base because dogs are not very good at arranging their dog beds to their best advantage. Dogs are funny in that respect: if there is for examp..
  • Extra warm dog beds

    It's winter and after a far too long spell of warm weather where any form of dog bed is fine, we now need to make sure that we have really warm dog beds for our dogs. Tuffies supply a range of products that allow you to ..
  • Where to put the dog beds at Christmas?

    As Christmas approaches, it is easy to forget the real needs of your dog. Everyone gets more and more busy and your dog will notice every change in the household without knowing what is going on and why. Basically, it is..