• Dog Beds for Working Dogs

    Pet dogs taken for very long walks may also get extremely tired, but working dog take the edge. I have three working pointers and there is an extra dimension to their exertion. The pet dog that runs around is of course i..
  • The Absolute Best Dog Beds

    ..... are the ones with flexibility. If, for instance, you want a dog bed that can be a simple, waterproof dog bed in the warm summer and a cosy, snug dog bed in the winter, you can use the Tuffies waterproof dog beds on..
  • Brilliant Dog Beds

    .......are made to last and they are made just like brilliant cars and brilliant pianos: quality ALL the way through, starting from the inside. There are dog beds out there with very little value because they simply look..
  • Images and dog beds

    When we offer dog beds for sale, we are acutely aware that it is important for customers to be able to see the beds as well as possible. We do exhibit at shows, which certainly helps a lot of buyers to really see, touch ..
  • New dog bed designs

    By far our most popular optional covers for the waterproof dog beds is our Luxury Fleeces. For several years we have found that the Autumn Check is the most popular along with the classic Black Watch tartan. These are bo..
  • Easy to Clean Large Dog Beds

    It is the biggest dilemma of large dog beds: how to keep them fresh and clean. Some dog owners simply capitulate and buy new, cheap dog beds as frequently as every couple of months. It's a choice, but for many of us, and..
  • Fantastic dog bed sales at Scone.

    Last weekend we had a record Scone show. We have been going to The Scottish Game fair at Scone for around 15 years, selling our popular dog beds. It is a wonderful game fair full of happy people and happy dogs. I do some..
  • Making dog beds for the game fair

    We are currently preparing for the Scottish Gamefair at Scone Palace. This is a yearly event for us and Tuffies has been selling dog beds at this show for the last 15 years. The Scottish Gamefair must be the friendlie..
  • Cooling Dog Beds for hot weather

    Your dog may be suffering a bit in the heat wave. Imagine having a coat like a Labrador or even like a Newfoundlander and never be able to take it off! It is a miracle that dogs don't die from heat stroke more often than..
  • Dog Beds for the Summer

    Just like when we kick the heavy, high TOG, winter duvet off and eventually put it away for the summer, our dogs are also benefiting from a lighter version of their dog beds during the warm summers. Should a dog get real..